Irrational exuberance

The Financial Times has a problem with Apple and clearly over the years has a negative bias towards that company. Any problem related with Apple is magnified. I will demonstrate with the dozens of misleading headlines I have collected. On the other hand, significant problems in other tech companies are ignored or not reported. As examples bugs in Android that affect more than 50% of the base or the flops of products.

I will be posting previous articles with commentaries and start with yesterday article. Bad reporting or bad faith of the editors.

Market turmoil leaves tech sector exposed Deepest damage likely to be felt by companies valued on growth prospects YESTERDAY by: Richard Waters in San Francisco

My comment to the article:
For some reason, the article did not include the dramatic fall from clearly overvalued stocks. Particularly, ignored Netflix (from $ 128 to $ 103) more than 20%, Amazon ( $540 to $ 494) 10%, Google, Facebook and Tesla are also down.
The quoted stocks in the article, (Apple, Intel and Microsoft) are in a different category; they are profitable and pay a dividend.

The article to be relevant should have been about the overdue realignment of the market and a bubble burst.

Savvy investors probably will change from “momentum”, “hype”, “sentiment” that created a bubble with overvalued tech stocks to companies with real value, low p/e, profits, dividends, etc.

As in the dot-com bubble, the press has been instrumental inflating the market.

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