Linking “Against the Current” paper li and “Learning & Sharing”

I am producing “Against the Current” li Paper for the last 6 months, selecting daily five stories  that I consider relevant about Books, Culture and Technology that are published by different media outlets.

The process is easy since I read many stories every day on those topics. The platform is great and easy to use. One issues which make it limited is the fact that it did not allow to add any personal comments, just posting the selected article.

Paper li’s platform does all the formatting , including selecting an image from each article and the first few lines of each  story.

Paper li allow me to look at the the post before is made public. Is a good option to be able to move selected articles of the day  and deciding which will be the leading note. Once I a satisfied the way it looks the Paper li program sends an eMail to each subscriber and also posted the Daily in my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Now I will see how it work having as one of the notes, reviews made in this site, “Learning and Sharing” that includes personal notes and comments, linking the two sites.